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Dossier réalisé par Stéphane - Dossier HAMMER

(que les films de la Hammer)

Val Guest


Life with the Lyons ; Men of Sherwood Forest ; Break in the Circle ; The Quatermass X-periment ; Quatermass 2 ; The Abominable Snowman ; Up the Creek ; Further Up the Creek ; Hell is a City ; When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth



John Gilling


The Shadow of the Cat ; The Pirates of Blood River ; The Scarlet Blade ; The Brigand of Kandahar ; The Plague of the Zombies ; The Reptile ; The Mummy’s Shroud.



Terence Fisher


The Last Page ; Four-Sided Triangle ; Spaceways ; The Curse of Frankenstein ; Horror of Dracula ; The Revenge of Frankenstein ; The Hounds of the Baskervilles ; The Man Who Could Cheat Death ; The Mummy ; The Brides of Dracula ; The Stranglers of Bombay ; The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll ; The Curse of the Werewolf ; The Phantom of the Opera ; The Gorgone ; Dracula Prince of Darkness ; Frankenstein Created Woman ; The Devil Rides Out ; Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed ; Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell.




Roy Ward Baker

Quatermass and the Pit ; The Anniversary ; Moon Zero Two ; The Vampire Lovers ; Scars of Dracula ; Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde ; Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.


Peter Sasdy

Taste the Blood of Dracula ; Countess Dracula ; Hands of the Ripper .


Freddie Francis

Paranoïac ; Nightmare ; The Evil of Frankenstein ; Hysteria ; Dracula has Risen from the Grave.


Don Sharp

Kiss of the Vampire ; The Devil-ship Pirates ; Raspoutin The Mad Monk.

Filmographie complète

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